In Sanskrit it means place of birth, source, origin, as well as the creative power of nature. Yoni also represents the goddess Shakti. In sexual healing, the term "yoni" symbolizes the female genitalia: both the uterus and the vulva. In both Tantra and Tao, it is believed that a lot of trauma, negative emotions related to a relationship, and sexuality are stored in the yoni in the form of energy blocks manifesting in pain and numbness, lack of sensitivity and inability to climax. We specialize in healing techniques (sometimes called Yoni massage) to bring awareness to energetic blocks and transmute them, allowing you to feel free of limitation and to enhance intimacy.

Yoni Massage

Duration 1.5 - 2 hours

You can order a massage session from skilled professionals Mike or Arina, alternatively, we can teach your partner how to use these techniques (click here for more information). Ancient Tantra practice Yoni massage is an intimate manipulation that involves handling the energy of both the entire body and sexual organs. It aims toward:
  • The revival of sensuality, of both entire body and erogenous zones altogether, as well as such spots as A, G, K, P, U in particular.
  • The increase of pleasure during sexual relations, including the increase of frequency and strength of orgasms.
  • The release of cramps, congestion, and energy blocks not only of sexual nature but also personal. Recovery of female health.
  • Enhancement of blood circulation and lymphatic draining in the genital area. Getting rid of issues related to love life.
  • Setting up a communication with your “inner woman” The feeling of abundant life and harmony with your body.

When is a Yoni Massage Recommended?

  • Low self-esteem, feeling of abandonment, and uselessness.
  • Female problems: soreness during sexual intercourse (burning vulva syndrome and so on), chronic inflammation, convulsions, cicatrices, and scars in the vagina and other problems.
  • The absence of a partner and, conversely, an overabundance of sexual relationships.
  • Love life dissatisfaction: lack of libido, absence or rareness of orgasms, the monotony of sex, sexual inactivity of one of the partners.
  • Complexities in relations with men: lack of love and attention from the sexual partner, previous negative experience of intimate relationship with men, fear of new intimacy, or intimacy in general.
  • Psychological barriers or traumas of sexual nature (including childhood traumas).
  • The desire to awaken your “inner woman”, let her shine in full force, feel yourself a Goddess and fill up yourself with the energy of creation, love, and warmth.
  • The desire to discover a powerful inner source of pleasure and joy.

How the Process works

Yoni massage is not just a physical action. It is quite an intimate practice that affects the innermost depths of both body and soul, so it is conducted as delicate as possible. A session consists of a few stages:<

  • Introduction. A short introduction (completely confidential) talk will allow determining of your queries and precisely defining a goal of the session and your expectations.
  • Gentle massage of the entire body that focused on relaxation, on the revelation of a truly female ability to accept and on the enhancement of energy channels and chakras.
  • Yoni massage. The transition to this stage happens only after your verbal consent. During the massage, the specialist goes through each fragment of genital organs: small and large lips of pudendum, vagina, clitoris, well-known G-spot, and little-known spots A, K, and U. With the use of accessories, it is possible to activate a P-spot.

You will be offered simple breathing and sounding exercises that will help to increase massage effect and will convert it into energy practice. The practice is conducted in a pleasant, relaxing environment with music.

Yoni massage is a great way to reunite you with your body and emotions. Feel the genuine joy of life by immersing yourself into your physical sensations. In the Tantric philosophy, it is a key to become closer to yourself, to the Higher Self, to the Divine. Discover the Goddess within yourself! Free yourself from boundaries and limits, clean yourself from shame and sexual traumas, bring an intimate relationship back to your life, convert your sexual energy to the ultimate level and experience new miraculous feelings.

Click "here" for Frequently Asked Questions about Yoni massage

You can receive some particulars about Yoni massage and female ejaculation in our article “Contagious Squirting”.
Love and desire to know yourself and your body better and love it more.

Intimacy Coaching

Would you like to become a healer for your partner? Would you like to improve communication and your relationship with them? Explore many techniques with Mike to see both sides of this amazing experience. Offered as either a hands-on practice or in a non-touch educational way. Click "Here" for more information on Intimacy Coaching.

About Session

At the beginning of each session, we will talk about your intentions, as well as updates/changes since the last time we've seen you. Sessions are generally 90-120 minutes long, depending on whether you want Sound and/or Crystal Healing additions. Sessions can be held in our Sanctuary, or in the convenience of your own bedroom. We always close the session with a gradual relaxation of energy.

A questionnaire form needs to be
completed prior to the first session.

Feel free to call/email us with any
questions that may arise.