Yoni Massage

Learn the art of pleasuring your women to a level she will never forget. Create the environment for your partner to feel free of limitation, and dive deep into an ever more intimate connection with her. Let her release shame, heal past sexual trauma, as well as transform sexual energy to its highest form, and experience new magical feelings. A Yoni Massage is a Life changing experience for a woman and she will respect a man who gives to her for the sake of worshiping his beloved. Transform into a lover that women will truly desire.
In Sanskrit, the word "yoni" symbolizes the female genitalia: both the uterus and the vulva. the ancient teachings of Tantra believe that a lot of trauma, negative emotions related to relationship, and sexuality are stored in the yoni in the form of energy blocks manifesting in pain and numbness, lack of sensitivity, and inability to climax. Learn healing techniques (sometimes called yoni massage) to bring awareness to energetic blocks and transmute them. The benefits of a Yoni Massage are an increased sensitivity, enhanced pleasure, and strengthened orgasms.


Duration 2 hours
The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Benifits
  • Modalities of touch
  • Nurture techniques
  • Massage strokes
  • Female anatomy

  • Anatomy of arousal
  • Types of female orgasms
  • Female ejaculation
  • Tips to the giver
  • Tips to the receiver
The Workshop includes live demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, and a detailed handout with the most fun homework you will receive in your life.