In Sanskrit, yoni means “place of birth, source, or origin” as well as “the creative power of nature,” and represents the goddess Shakti. It also symbolizes the female genitalia: both the uterus and the vulva. In Tantra, it is believed that trauma, negative emotions related to relationships, and sexuality are stored in the yoni in the form of energy blocks which manifest as pain, numbness, a lack of sensitivity and the inability to climax.


Duration 1.5 - 2 hours

The ancient practice of yoni massage is an intimate nurturing of the body as a whole, including the genitalia. It aims to:
  • Recover overall sensuality
  • Refresh the experience of sex, including the frequency, strength, and duration of orgasms
  • Reduce cramps, congestion and obstructive energy blocks
  • Restore blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the genital area
  • Rebuild awareness of and communication with\ your “inner woman” to bring about bodily harmony and intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Yoni massage is a great way to harmonize your body and emotions by basking in the genuine joy of inhabiting your body and its physical sensations.
It empowers you to free yourself from shame and sexual trauma, bring an intimate relationship back into your life, embrace your sexual energy, and discover your inner Goddess!

When is a Yoni Massage Recommended?

Yoni massage may be right for you if you suffer from any of the following:
  • Low self-esteem, feelings of abandonment, and uselessness.
  • Soreness during sexual intercourse (burning vulva syndrome and so on), chronic inflammation, convulsions, cicatrices, or scarring in the vagina.
  • The absence of a partner or, conversely, an overabundance of disappointing sexual relationships.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction: lack of libido, total absence of or difficulty reaching orgasm, monotonous sex, or an overall lack of sexual activity.
  • Relationship difficulties: lack of love or attention from a sexual partner, previous negative experiences of intimacy, fear or uneasiness around intimacy.
  • Psychological wounds or traumas of a sexual nature (including childhood traumas).


    Because yoni massage is a more intimate practice than standard massage, and affects the innermost depths of both body and soul, it is conducted as delicately and mindfully as possible.

    The process is as follows:

    1. Introduction - a completely candid, confidential discussion in which any questions, concerns, or boundaries you have will be answered, addressed, and respected. We will then collaboratively define our goals for the session.
    2. Gentle massage of the entire body - focused on overall relaxation, the revelation of a truly female ability to accept, and on the enhancement of your energy channels and chakras.
    3. Yoni massage - even if previously discussed in the introduction, the transition to this stage happens only after your explicit verbal consent is given and it can be ended any time you wish. Mike will explore each area of your genitals: from your small and large outer lips, into your vagina, and around your clitoris, before progressing to your G-spot, and lesser-known spots A, K, and U. With the use of specialized tools, it is also possible to activate your P-spot. 4. Gradual relaxation - all sessions end with a gentle relaxation of energy.


    Before your first session you will:
    • Complete a questionnaire form
    • Be offered simple breathing and sounding exercises that will help to increase the effectiveness of your yoni massage

    • Feel free to call/email me with any
      questions that may arise.

      Click "here" for Frequently Asked Questions
      about Yoni massage

Intimacy Coaching

Would you like to become a healer for your partner? Would you like to improve communication and your relationship with them? Explore many techniques with Mike to see both sides of this amazing experience. Offered as either a hands-on practice or in a non-touch educational way. Click "Here" for more information on Intimacy Coaching.

About Session

At the beginning of each session, we will talk about your intentions, as well as updates/changes since the last time we've seen you. Sessions are generally 90-120 minutes long, depending on whether you want Sound and/or Crystal Healing additions. Sessions can be held in our Sanctuary, or in the convenience of your own bedroom. We always close the session with a gradual relaxation of energy.

A questionnaire form needs to be
completed prior to the first session.

Feel free to call/email us with any
questions that may arise.