Yoni Massage

In sexual healing Sanskrit word "yoni" symbolizes the female genitalia: both the uterus and the vulva. Ancient teachings such as Tantra and Tao believe that a lot of trauma, negative emotions related to relationship, and sexuality are stored in the yoni in the form of energy blocks manifesting in pain and numbness, lack of sensitivity and inability to climax. Learn healing techniques (sometimes called yoni massage) to bring awareness to energetic blocks and transmute them. Find out how to revive sensuality, increase pleasure and frequency and strength of orgasms, bring your relationship on a whole different level.


Duration 3 hours

The workshop will cover the following topics:

The Workshop includes live demonstrations, powerpoint presentation, and videos.

Allow your partner to feel free of limitation, enhance intimacy and build a better, more intimate connection. Let her release shame, heal sexual trauma, as well as transform sexual energy to its highest form and experience new magical feelings.

Workshop can be held privately in our Sanctuary or at your place. For upcoming group workshops please refer to our Meetup page.

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