The ancient skill of the vaginal muscles management respected throughout the ages and was integrated into cultures for its betterment for women in a great many traditions. Techniques, which mostly came from Tantra, Tao and Kama Sutra heritage and known in Europe as Pompoir, in South Asia as Kabazah, in Hinduism as Sahajoli, in Russia as Vumbuilding (from abbreviation “ВУМ” (“вагинальные управляемые мышцы” – “vaginal controllable muscles”) become increasingly more popular in modern culture. Nowadays, many specialists (sexologists, gynecologists, psychologists) recommend these methods and successfully use it in the sexual healing


Duration 2 hours

Training of the intimate muscles of your sacred Yoni is a pleasant skill for you and he'll like it also:

One of the main advantages of Pompoir is that you’ll be able to offer to your gentleman such sensual excitement, which he won’t be able to feel anywhere else. During the workshop, you will learn Pompoir techniques, receive instructions on exercising at home and will get to know about specific training aids and secrets of this ancient teaching.