Love Dance Workshop

Tantra Yoga considers the universe as a consequence of the divine fusion, the sacred dance of the loving couple of Shiva and Shakti. These are the two halves of the single whole, the fusion, and harmony of the male and female energies that give birth to Life. It is the divine creative power in the Universe, perfect unity, supreme bliss. The highest experience of the divine couple is merging their energies thus cease to be separate and become one. For loving couples, we offer a myriad of powerful of Tantric and Taoist techniques for understanding this sacred unity for all its admiration and joy..


Duration 7 hours

During this workshop, we will explore the sacred union of lovemaking. We provide content for you that will give you the skills and confidence to be a rockstar lover. Develop yourself as a conscious lover who is able to ride the waves of bliss without any hesitation or loss of control. You and your partner will begin to open up to a whole new world of magical phenomenons in bed. Love making Will never be the same again.

All these techniques will give you the resources to continue to practice on your own, developing yourself to perform in ways you never thought possible. The exercises and skills you will develop in this workshop will open your eyes to a whole new world of lovemaking.