Lingam Massage

In the sexual healing Sanskrit word “lingam” is translated as a wand of light. In the course of a lifetime, men’s genitals accumulate energy blocks, associated with traumas and store negative emotions associated with relationship and sex. In the process of lingam massage, it is possible to discover and transform these blocks while giving to a man an incredible pleasure. Aside from mood improvement, by using this treatment for active energy spots that located on the lingam you will have better a condition of internal organs.


Duration 3 hours

Give yourself the opportunity to experience give new magical sensations and improve your intimacy. You will be able to provide indescribable bliss for your partner. You will realize your sexual potential and significantly improve your skills in bed.

During the workshop, we will bring up the following topics:

  • The workshop includes live demos, introduction, and a indepth video.

While giving a massage, a woman also experiences pleasure, joy and presents a pleasure to a beloved man. Besides that, Lingam massage, as well as Yoni massage, is an attribute of a huge trust, love, and respect for your partner. In addition, if you will decide to become familiar with this technique and translate it into action, be assured, a man will greatly appreciate it!

Coaching can be held privately in our Sanctuary or at your place. For upcoming group workshops, please refer to our Meetup page.