Energy 101

This is a workshop to open you to the energy of the universe. We will be going over the fundamentals of energy as well as various practices. Every ancient culture had an understanding of this invisible force and its own perspective. Only a few energy systems are very prominent in modern times but their influence is global and truly beneficial to one's health and performance. The self discovery of energy is truly remarkable and life changing, but to be perceptive requires an open mind as well as patience and practice if not immediately felt.


Duration 7 hours

During this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of energy. We provide content and practices for you that will give you the skills and understanding to perceive this universal force. Attuning yourself to feel the energy and to use it to your benefit is a powerful experience that will be with you forever.

All these techniques will give you the resources to continue to practice on your own, developing yourself to begin your practice of energy cultivation. The practices and skills you will develop in this workshop will open your eyes to a whole new world.