Positive Polyamory

With this coaching program you’ll learn to develop and maintain healthy, loving polyamorous relationships.

Why should you listen to me?

Well, I’ve got more than five years of experience, have read extensively about the subject, and have been through the wringer more times than I can count.

So, I assure you that your relationships will blossom as a result of our sessions.

  • Whether you are considering opening your relationship up
  • Experiencing difficulties in maintaining a stable loving relationship with multiple partners
  • Feeling like this lifestyle is for you but don't know where to get started.

In 12 weeks your comprehension of relationships will transform in ways you could never have imagined.

This program will fundamentally change you from your core.

Polyamorous relationships require a lot of self development and empathy. When you have blossomed, and you have done work your people will notice.

Program Outline

This coaching program is set up to empower you to deeply understand how to position yourself in a polyamorous relationship. Each week I will give you a specific reading or practice to complete before the next session in order to maximize our time together and help you reach your potential. These will cover:

  • There is more than enough LOVE to go around
  • The needs of everyone, including yourself
  • Understanding the difference between "I would like.." Vs. "My boundaries are..."
  • Safety on all levels

  • Developing the communication skills to ensure everyone's happiness
  • The Normality of Poly Relationships and their Benefits
  • The power of compersion
  • And so, so much MORE!

This coaching program is built to maximize your time and get you the results you need to become a renowned lover. While not a college course, there is a lot of information to digest and you will have required reading to complete before each session. For those of you that don't like reading, all these books are also available as audiobooks.

Unlike your past experiences of college courses, this required reading is from books you will definitely want to pick up and read again. Reading these books alone is one thing, but being coached on their content will boost their effectiveness.