Master Your Masculine

This is not a sleazy pick up artist course that teaches you to manipulate women. It is a program designed to help you reach your potential, by highlighting all that is good in you and guiding you to Master Your Masculine.

During this coaching program, you will develop the skills necessary to enjoy healthy, loving relationships with women.

Whether you are struggling to meet women in the first place, having difficulty maintaining loving relationships with them, or you simply want to please as many women as you can in this life, this program is for you!

In 12 weeks your relationships with women will transform, because this program will fundamentally change you from your core. Women are looking for real, secure and confident men and they can’t help but notice one when they meet them.

Program Outline

This 12 week coaching program is set up for you to deeply understand how you need to position yourself in the field to Master your Masculine. Each week I will give you a specific reading requirement before each session in order to maximize our time together and help you reach your potential. These will cover:

  • Reducing neediness
  • Challenging Internal Resistance
  • Articulating Your Story
  • Cultivating Vulnerability
  • Positioning and Presenting Yourself Confidently
  • Communicating Honestly
  • Finding and Owning Your Truth
  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

  • Understanding the Masculine and Feminine
  • Speaking Different Love Languages
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Fixing versus Empathizing
  • Opening Your Heart
  • Embracing and Developing your Masculinity
  • Redefining Success
  • Forging Meaningful Connections
  • Developing Sexual Techniques

This coaching program is built to maximize your time and get you the results you need to become a renowned lover. While not a college course, there is a lot of information to digest and you will have required reading to complete before each session. For those of you that don't like reading, all these books are also available as audiobooks.

Unlike your past experiences of college courses, this required reading is from books you will definitely want to pick up and read again. Reading these books alone is one thing, but being coached on their content will boost the effectiveness of the subject matter.

Interested in coaching?

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