NEVER mention names in any private conversation or on any public blogs or message boards. You can take photographs in the dancing area (downstairs) with the consent of all participants. NEVER take photographs or bring your cell phones to the play areas.


Being respectful of other people and their boundaries and having a safe, comfortable environment, this is really important at our parties. Disrespectful or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. If someone behaves inappropriately, report them to one of the party hosts (Arina, Max or Mike).


If you are planning to consume intoxicants, make sure you have a safe ride home. Also, you are welcome to stay here, we have plenty of sleeping space.


Be responsible about your STI status, these are things we don't want to share at the party. Have safer sex talk before engaging in sexual activity with someone. ​


Never bring someone you don't know well! If you invite a friend, you'll be responsible for them. Make sure they read the party rules. Preferably, you arrive and leave together with your guests. If you arrive separately, make sure to meet them at the door and introduce to one of the organizers (Arina, Max or Mike) or let them introduce themselves as your guests if they arrive earlier than you. If they stay later than you, make sure it is Ok with the organizers. If your friend misbehaves or doesn't follow the party rules we would ask both of you to leave the party.


Be honest with yourself and decide beforehand what you are comfortable doing. This is true for those attending the party with a partner, you need to spend time discussing boundaries together. Do you only play together? Do you need each other’s permission? Is it a free-for-all? It is best to have these conversations before showing up to the party. Even if you are attending alone, you need to think about what you are willing to participate in.


Just because it is a sex party does NOT mean that everyone is open to everything with every person. You need to authentically give and receive enthusiastic direct consent with every person you engage with, as well as establish consent for every new act with the same person. If you receive a simple 'no' it means 'no' until the end of the party. 'No, but you can check back later' means you can check back in no earlier than 30 minutes. If a response is not a confident 'yes', then it's still a 'no'. People should be asking for your consent, and if they are not, please report them to the host.


On time to give your own consent don’t be afraid to say 'no'. It is totally okay if you do not want to consent to something. Just because you are at a sex party does not mean that you have to participate in anything. You could spend the whole night being a voyeur if you prefer. If you are not sure, you can say 'no, but you can check back later'.


There will be a backup pack of condoms and some tubes of lube, but they probably won’t be the kind you like. Make sure to bring your own so that the night can be safe and enjoyable.


If you don’t agree with the rules, then don’t come to the party.