Sound Healing

Dive into the profound depth of healing vibrations. We facilitate group sound baths as well as private healing sessions, using vibration to align the frequency of the body to the relaxing and harmonizing state that's natural with the rhythm of an individual. We all have a specific frequency we resonate with, as well as the general frequency that the brain functions at specific emotional states. By tapping into the power of vibration we can restore the disharmony of the mind and body to allow healing to begin.

At Mystic Techniques we acknowledge the importance of healing sound and the benefits it has on the human body. We have a vast variety of Singing Bowls, Gongs and Tuning forks.


The most powerful instrument of sound healing, it has a very mystical and magical sound. Gong sound allows an immense wave to course over the body and rattle any unaligned energy back into its proper place. For our sound baths, we use three gongs produced by Paiste, the manufacturer of the highest quality healing gongs; they are tuned to planetary frequencies. Planet Gongs are tuned in conformity with the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties on the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Planets according to calculations of Hans Cousto. Thus they resonate in harmony with the cycles of the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the “music of the spheres” so amply quoted since the Antique. Their sound color is extremely mysterious and conveys an unusual, unfathomable atmosphere.

Earth Gong

Resonates at the frequency of Om - 136.10 Hz. Om is a very grounding, relaxing, aligning frequency; it is most useful for bringing one calmly to the present moment with relaxation.

Uranus Gong

Resonates at 207.36 Hz. Uranus is a mover of obstacles and powers that are completely out of our control in order to open up new spaces and opportunities for growth. This gong will awaken you to a whole new universe.

Moon Gong

Resonates at 227.43 Hz. The Moon represents the divine feminine that resides in all of us. This gong is exceptionally good at opening the 6th and 2nd Chakra, invoking more intense emotions and sexual passion. It brings things to their fullest.

Singing Bowls

Known for there meditative properties singing bowls are commonplace in the modern world. Restorative and cleansing just one ring of a bowl can immerse you in a state of ultimate relaxation. Singing bowls are used around as well as on the body, this allows the vibrations to deeply cleanse the body of stagnate energy. Physically vibrating the structure to that of one of harmony. Off the body produces audible vibrations which relax the mind and washing over the layers of the body. The acoustic sound produced from an instrument physically deepens the healing effect of vibrations on the body and is greatly different from digital sound from a speaker. ​

Crystal Singing Bowls

Made to perfection from pure quartz crystal, they have very strong, precise tones. Sound baths are generally done with Crystal Singing Bowls due to their strong tones that fill a whole room with delighted sound.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Made up of various metals and generally have a wider range of healing tones. Tibetan Singing Bowls can be placed on or next to the body for precise treatment. Singing bowls are good for large areas and affect the full spectrum of the energy body.

Tuning forks

Tuning forks work on the body in a similar way they do in tuning a musical instrument. By producing pure tone, tuning forks calibrate the body to the natural rhythm of nature. Being in tune with Source, we flow effortlessly into the world and function at the level to which we desire.


Along with audible vibrations, we use crystals to direct the flow of energy of one's body to its optimal state. Whether on or off the body crystals have an effect of channeling their energy to you, absorbing negative energy away from you or amplifying energy within you. Click here for more information on crystals.