Lingam is translated from Sanskrit as a wand of light. Also, the word is used to refer to the male sexual organ. Respect and veneration of the lingam is inherent in many cultures of Hinduism, in which its fertile life-giving force is praised. Its spiritual cosmic principle is also glorified, it is the manifested image of the god Shiva and his fertility. In the East, a man is associated with giving origin, radiating the energy of light. And his penis is the tool that generates the most important energy in the universe - sexual.

Lingam Massage

Duration 1.5 - 2 hours

There are 3 main goals that this massage pursues:

1) Wellness effect, healing.

During the life of men, as well as women, energy blocks accumulate in the genital organs, connected with traumas and negative emotions in relationships and from sexual experiences. During lingam massage, it is possible to detect and transform these energy blocks, release emotions, and relieve tension. Also, the active points located on the lingam affect the internal organs, which improves their condition and overall health. This massage is used to restore the erection and in cases of premature ejaculation. It is also excellent prophylaxis for prostatitis (it is possible to add prostate massage to the service).

2) Filling the body with life energy.

In tao and tantra, it is believed that sexual energy is the energy of life, and the lingam is a powerful tool for generating this energy. During the massage, the provider will teach you techniques of generation, accumulation, and redistribution of sexual energy. Such techniques will allow you to not deplete your vital essence, but to use this energy to heal and rejuvenate your body; as well as for spiritual development. The provider will help you release tension, you can feel the expansion of consciousness and enjoy the sensations of energy in the whole body.

3) Getting pleasure.

You get the experience of fantastic relaxation when nothing needs to be proved and done. You can just take in everything that happens, accept yourself as you are, open yourself and enjoy the waves of energy that roll from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Then, over time, not only the lingam but every cell of your body can become sensory and orgasmic. At the request of a man, one or several orgasms can be achieved during the session.

4) Spiritual connection

If you are sensitive to the energy, you might feel waves of blissful warmth going up your spine and pleasant vibrations spreading throughout your body. You might experience energetic, emotional or whole body orgasms. You can feel tremendous unity and connection with your Higher Self, God, Divine, Universe, Light or Absolute. It's time when you feel calm and centered when you feel bodiless and weightless when you connect to your Soul when you rediscover yourself.

About our sessions

At the beginning of each session, we will discuss your intentions, as well as the changes that have occurred since your last visit. Duration of sessions from 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the possible combination with sound healing. Sessions can be held in our Sanctuary or in the comfort of your bedroom. We leave at any distance! Before the session, you will receive instructions with detailed recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions.

Sex Coaching

Do you want to become a healer for your beloved? Do you want to give him pleasure, joy, and pleasure? Do you want to improve mutual understanding and relationships? After all, lingam massage is a sign of great trust, love, and respect from both partners. And, if you decide to master this technique and apply it in practice, rest assured that your man will be very grateful to you! Studying at the same time with Arina and Mike, you will not only learn about many useful practices, but you will understand these techniques work from the male and female sides. We offer workshops in both educational teachings and practical hands-on techniques. More about sex coaching here.