Sexual Healing

We live in a world where sex is not much of an open subject. Sex can be perceived with shame, disgust or other negative ways. Sex is a powerful subject - it can scar, humiliate, be used against another, create life, and bring you to the most beautiful experience of your life. Unfortunately, the culture we are brought up in is one that does not have a sacred respect for sexual experiences. In Mystic Techniques we see sex as one of the most powerful forces in all of nature.s.

Yoni represents the goddess Shakti. In sexual healing, the term "yoni" symbolizes the female genitalia: both the uterus and the vulva. In both Tantra and Tao, it is believed that a lot of trauma, negative emotions related to a relationship, and sexuality are stored in the yoni in the form of energy blocks manifesting in pain and numbness, lack of sensitivity and inability to climax.
The Sanskrit word “lingam” is translated as a wand of light. In the course of a lifetime, men’s genitals accumulate energy blocks, associated with traumas and store negative emotions associated with relationship and sex. In the process of lingam massage, it is possible to discover and transform these blocks while giving to a man an incredible pleasure.

Muladhara is the first chakra. It is also called root, source or base chakra because it is located at the base of the human energy system. On the physical level, it is positioned at the level of tailbone and anus. Muladhara chakra is firmly connected with sexual aspects.
We are here for you, here to guide you to live out your innermost expression of who you are. We help with the confusions of the opposite gender, as well as teach on one's own mental, energetic and physical blocks in relationships. Facilitating self improvement and understanding of the magic of love and intimacy, you will be a true lover.