Intimacy Coaching

If you are looking to rekindle the fire of love, feel more passion, heal or please your partner, attract a lover, explore new techniques, have better orgasms, learn about sacred sexuality, or have better intimacy with others; if you are struggling with guilt, shame or fear, we are here for you. From the principles of anatomy to the higher realms achieved through sex; from setting up your sacred space and staying more present with your partner to experience the most prolonged and mind-blowing orgasms and divine experiences.

Your Coaching Session

Sessions with Mike

Bring your relationship and intimacy to amazing connection and understanding, learn techniques for how to prolong your sexual act and orgasm. I want to share with my brothers how to give the gift of true, profound love to his Woman, becoming aware of the Goddess within your partner. Become a healer for your beloved as well as to learn how to be a true giver without expecting anything back. Enhance your senses and bring your orgasms to higher realms.
My sessions are for both men and women. As a man, I relate to men on the inner energies of the masculine and how to channel the inner Shiva. I am in touch with my feminine side as well as have studied and understood the feminine to allow a healthy brother to brother connection for a path of love with the least resistance. For women, I shed light on the masculine and how to relate most effective in situations where misunderstanding may arise. How to approach the man with your beauty and allow for him to hold you dear to his heart without thinking of letting go.

Sessions with Arina

Receive expansive, loving and truly nurturing experience from an experienced Dakini. I empower men and women with knowledge about each other's energy and body. I show men how to bring their partner to ecstatic bliss and put her on a Goddess pedestal, to achieve deeper connection and understanding with their beloved, or to improve their skills for future partners.
As a woman, I understand what women need and want in a relationship and provide wisdom for men to understand the sacred feminine. I am here for my sister to have a teacher they trust and provide the wisdom to provide fulfillment for a healthy and lasting relationship. I understand the problems men and women both face in the confusion of gender sociology, your sexuality is not for any but your own.

Sessions with both Mike and Arina

Feel the divinity of love to its fullest presented by a loving couple. The combination of both male and female energies are truly magical. Witness the sacred union of a healthy and healed Masculine and Feminine at the same time. Would you like to become a healer for your partner? Would you like to improve your communication and relationship with them? Explore many techniques with Arina and Mike together to see both sides of this amazing experience. Offered in both a non-touch educational teaching, as well as hands-on guidance of practices for compassion and building intimacy.

About Coaching

Coaching can be held in our Sanctuary, or in the convenience of your home or Skype call.
Please complete the questionnaire prior to the first session. Before the session, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself for the session, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. We will make sure to give you as much information as possible. Feel free to email us with any questions that may arise.
At the beginning of each session, we will have a little talk about your intentions, as well as updates/changes since the last time we've seen you.