I believe every person deserves love, respect, and a community to support them.

I believe we can all love each other, but we have to be willing to develop ourselves first.


I am not that relationship coach who will teach you what to say to get a girl’s phone number.

Nor am I the woo-woo healer who uses a crystal grid & the law of attraction to have your soulmate fall in your lap overnight.

I walk my talk. I share myself vulnerably.

I meet you where you're at regardless of your struggles.

I connect you with your heart and soul, cause that’s where the REAL power is!


  • An Open-Hearted individual who's done falling behind. You want to master the art of attraction NOW!
  • Open, empathetic, honest.
  • Willing to do the work, willing to go deep, willing to face your shadows.
  • You take responsibility for your actions (most of the time).
  • And you know you deserve it.

If you feel...

Lonely, anxious, worried, frustrated, confused, disconnected, not enough - hang in there!

There's hope on the other side.

REALLY, JUST READ MY STORY BELOW! I'm not bull-shitting.


The beginning of this mighty journey

I grew up in your usual American household, with parents who were too busy with their own emotional challenges to understand what I needed. Growing up, anger was not allowed at home, so I learned to bottle it up early on.

When I was 13 years old I could not say “no” to wearing braces (I didn't need them, the orthodontist just wanted to make a buck). 7 years later I was still unable to say “no”, this time to destructive behaviors and video game addiction.

I had no willpower. I felt undesired and extremely lonely for years at a time. I didn't know how to approach women and I was extremely insecure.

Not to mention a Terrible Lover.

I was needy and self-centered, and the more I wanted a relationship, the harder I tried the more I pushed women away.

Waking up...

It wasn’t until I took a Tai Chi class in college that I started to wake up.

Being able to perceive energy and feeling my brain rearrange was out of this world! It drove me to give up a lifestyle that I thought was very "cool" in order to learn and practice energy work.

I knew I had to live, eat, and breathe energy work in order to break through my muggle lifestyle, so I decided to go to China.

Training for 8 hours a day 7 days a week was not for the weak of heart. I met my physical limits, I faced my shadows, I worked hard to purify myself and dissolve my ego.

That gave me the determination, resourcefulness and physical attunement to face any man and any woman, including myself.

Love life - still a complete disaster

Coming back to the States, I felt ready.

It had been 3 years since I hadn’t been with a girl. I went on dating sites thinking it would be easy. I swiped for a few weeks, sent out messages - crickets.

And then that notification popped up: “There is no one left in your area.”

My heart sank and I could barely breathe. What I read was “There is no one left on the planet who could love you.”

To say that was the lowest point of my life would be an understatement. It was a dark night of the soul. Dark, very dark. Not because “there was no one left in my area” who didn't put me in the friend zone,

But because I had spent a year in China training to be a man, and I was still a fucking loser.

The Road Back

It took me a year to come out of that depression, and it wasn’t easy. But all of a sudden women started to appear more in my life. They were attracted to me. They felt more comfortable and more vulnerable around me.

I began to just attract women into my Life

I realized by being embodied in my masculinity and not being a emotional pushover I was attracting and maintaining fulfilling relationships.

Say whaat?

I traveled again but with a mission

Finding the best Tantra teachers, both Western and non-duel.

I was EVEN more of a New Man

I stopped chasing women for fruitless self satisfaction but to deeply connect on all the levels of emotional reality.

Life now

I have been polyamorous for 6 years

Being through a myriad of beautiful connections

Reaching a level of intimacy and connection in my relationships I never thought possible, and I now support other men to have the same kind of paradigm shift for themselves. Weather they are looking for the one or many people to love.

I believe that we all have love in our hearts and that we need to connect with ourselves and experience the love that we have within us. Its a resides from the inside and all we need to is unlock the heart and walk in the right direction.



  • I am a Certified Tantra educator, and I am deeply involved with both fields of Tantra (Neo-Tantra & Classical Tantra).

  • I am a Certified, Intimacy Coach, 500HR Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner.

  • I have transformed my love life from basically nonexistent to extraordinary

  • I studied martial arts in China intensively for a full year.

  • I am here to be your friend and walk this path by your side!


  • I dreamed of the lifestyle that I have now, but I got a lot more.

  • I am a fast lane driver, let go and trust, you'll make it on the other side.

  • I’m not fond of small talk, let's get real and go deep!

Your life is ending one minute at a time, why spend your time barely scraping by!
There are Women out there looking for a Man like yourself!