How to overcome predilections and fears in facing a Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage affects the innermost part of our body and soul. For centuries this region of the body was under a rigid and dogmatic taboo. Therefore it is not surprising that it may be difficult to decide to participate in this practice, but this is a life changing experience and has many benefits that will fulfill you for the rest of your life. We offer free consultations during which we can help you overcome any fears and answer all your questions. As indicated on the page describing the procedure, the provider only begins the massage of the genital organs directly after your voiced consent. Therefore, during the first procedure, you can limit yourself only to a massage of the body. Also, you should understand that message at any time at any stage can be stopped, everything is done only with your permission.

Does Yoni Massage have sexual pleasure?

Yoni massage is not a sexual interaction between two partners, but a healing procedure. A woman in the process of massage can have sexual arousal and discharge, and this is normal. However, the provider of massage does not intend to get sexual satisfaction. Often, patients under the influence of excitement or euphoria from the pleasure they offer the massage provider sexual intercourse. The provider, in this case, is forced to respond with a categorical refusal.

Could there be discomfort?

Discomfort (both physical and emotional) during yoni massage is a fairly common phenomenon. It can be caused by problems of a physical or psychological nature, spasms or scars, energy blocks, and cramps associated with past injuries (rape, childbirth, humiliation, etc.). Childbirth is a very traumatic circumstance and almost all women give birth to energy blocks. The provider will do their best to mitigate and eliminate such blocks. When the cramps and blocks are opened, negative emotions can also arise, memories of past traumas may appear. The master will instruct you how to behave in such situations.

Is there any contraindication to Yoni massages?

The procedure is completely safe, all hygiene requirements (and, of course, confidentiality) are fully met. Contrary to common prejudices, menstruation is not only not a contraindication, but this procedure is even recommended during menstruation. This can reduce menstrual pain and discomfort, as well as cleansing of the chakra. During this period, the woman is more open to new sensations. In many ancient cultures, warriors painted themselves with menstrual blood, believing that it gives them strength in battle. Also in Tantra, as in many other traditions, this time is considered the most powerful and mystical in the women's cycle. If a Yoni massage is performed during menstruation, we recommend combining the Yoni massage with rituals to materialize desires or love magic.

Can I reach orgasm during the session?

Orgasm is not the ultimate goal of the Yoni massage, but rather, as a side effect, pleasant and desirable. Often a woman reaches new types of orgasms: ejaculatory, multiple, etc. However, we can not guarantee the achievement of orgasm.

What should I do if I do not consider myself attractive and feel shy before the provider?

You do not have to worry about your own attractiveness. Unlike sexual interaction with a partner, during a Yoni massage, the woman is completely free, including from any expectations: she does not have to be beautiful and slender, to receive or to give pleasure. Her only task is to observe what happens to her body and emotions. The process of allowing yourself to be seen as you are without negative connotations is very healing in its self.