I have done a lot of courses, seminars, workshops, you name it.

I know when I'm buying into something that's not in alignment with my values,

I fucking hate that feeling when I sign up for something that is half-assed, overcharged, and most of all I am manipulated into by a script or a sales asshole.

I'm not about that life

I don't ever want you to have buyer's remorse. I've been to seminars where they tell you your package that you haven't even created yet is worth multiple thousands of dollars.

I don't want to be reaching out to you every day, so you to sign up for my course (gosh, this really gives me empathy with women dealing with pickup artists).

I'm not going to hit you with all the sales mumble jumbo, obviously, I want you to sign up for my program. But if it's not for you, I don't want to have you sit through 12 weeks of something that it's not what you are looking for.

So that's why I...

Charge reasonable prices based on my market value (if my schedule is getting too tight I'll probably raise my prices, I charge $75 per session for my coaching packages) and I don't ever want to turn someone down, so I'm willing to make things work.

Non-neediness is the first lesson of my main course, and I'm not going to beg you every day to take my course. If I see that you're suffering, I'll give you a free session or two. I have better use of my time and so do you.

I'll never read from a script, ever! I blew money on "business Coaching" to receive manipulative scripts where every time I've read from a script, people realize something fishy is going on, and back off instantly. This is such a petty practice in this industry that tricks people out of their money, and usually what they're selling is half-assed and probably something you're not looking for.

No one's perfect, though....

In my coaching courses, I have you read on average three books per coaching program. Part of me thinks that this is messed up, because you can just read the books on your own time.

But over time I realized it's not bad after all, I have witnessed people that have received my reading list and plow through the books, things got better, but they still had their problems. Because what I'm offering is a coaching course, and these books are just a framework. Reading these books on your own, you will only go so deep, but having someone who has read these books multiple times as well as worked with many individuals on the topic, and who will give you their full presence, attention and guidance to move you deeper than you can do on your own.

I've worked with my multitude of coaches, and what really frustrates me is that the first 30 minutes of each session is spent figuring out what we're going to work on it today's session. These books give a framework for each session, so we can start our time together on the same page and moving in the right direction.

Honestly, the greatest joy I get is to see you transform into the badass you have always been, but self development and self inquiry helps us realize it.

This is what I love doing,

I would still do it even if I didn't have to pay rent.