Master Your Masculine

Master Your Masculine

What Will I Learn?

  • This coaching program is built to maximize your time and get you the results you need to become a renowned lover.

Topics for this course

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Learn how this course is for you, an overview of its content, and my coaching methods.
About this Coaching Program

Module 1 Attractiveness?

This first module is the foundation of the program and you will discover more about yourself than you might think. Knowing yourself you will understand your ability to become intimate with women.

Module 2 Understanding Men and Women?

Understanding yourself as a man as well as understanding women.

Module 3 Introspection?

In this section of the program we do the deep work of self discovery. This is a more of a psychoanalytical approach compared to the previous modules. This module may get uncomfortable but take your time and don't run away from yourself.

Target Audience

  • Men who are struggling with intimacy and experiencing difficulty connecting with women.