Preparations for your Session

This is a very powerful experience that will change your life and open yourself to a whole new world of understanding. You may experience an intense transformation and a new wide range of emotions and feelings. Please at any time feel free to express your needs or wants. With this technique, you can eliminate deep psychological blocks and tension, suppressed emotions, problems, and traumas that are hiding deep in your body and subconsciousness.

Notes for the experience

EMOTIONS are a big part of this session, we advise you to open up to whatever comes up for you during this session, let yourself be vulnerable. For that, you have to trust your provider and the experience. Please feel open to express anger or sadness, just as much as you would with pleasure and joy. All emotions are accepted. In such moments you have to accept yourself for who you are. Letting the emotions flow through you, don't dwell on them, don't try to understand or analyze, just liberate yourself from them, don't let them settle in your head or your body

SENSATIONS. It is normal to feel nausea, excessive heat, chills as well as pleasure during the session. All these are welcomed and are an experience of moving energy within your body. If it becomes too much let your provider know and she/he will take care of it.

THOUGHTS are very important for the session as well. It's important not to have expectations. To ensure this is the most beneficial progress for you, we ask you to be in the less analytical side of your brain, as well as be present during the experience. Focus on the feeling of your body and emotions. We also ask to be aware of how many words you use, words will bring you more into your thinking mind. During the intense and most energetic process of the experience, it’s best to only feel your full experience and talk of it after. Please let us know if you find comfort in talking and would like more verbal exchange and guidance. If you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts and unable to calm them, let us know.

BREATH is very powerful in altering the energy in the body. These are a few basic techniques to amplify your progress through the session.

Charging Breath: a quick breath with lips like an O. This breath is used for enhancing and cleansing energy. We will guide you to take some “Quick Fast Breaths”.

Deep Hold Breath: A deep inhale and holding of the breath, followed by sounds or squeezing muscles. This breath is good for releasing and igniting energy. We will guide you to “take a deep breath”.

Synchronized Breath: a breath where we breathe together. This breath is useful for increasing pleasure and intimacy. This relaxing breath allows the brain to release pleasure hormones. We will say “lets breath together” maybe say “I'll follow you” or “you follow me”.

Full Breaths: long deep breaths. Calming and relaxing breaths that bring you into the moment. This one will be pretty natural, but we may guide you to “take some deep relaxing breaths”.

MUSCLE TENSION and/or Bandha acts as powerful amplifiers of energy.

Mula Bandha: tensing of the pelvic floor or flexing of the anal and PuboCoccygeus muscle (PC for short). It's the muscle that you used to stop the flow of urine or holding it. This Bandha is very powerful in moving energy and building it up. There is Pumping and Squeezing/Holding actions associated with this Bandha. We will guide you to “Pump” or “Squeeze”.

These movements are great methods of body energy manipulation but are sometimes forgotten or unused in modern life.

SOUNDING is a very useful tool for moving energy and letting go of traumas and negative emotions, as well as spread out pleasure and positive emotions.

Express your feelings with a sound: using a vowel, moan, growl, scream, cry, or anything you can imagine. This is a method used to amplify or release energy. It can be as loud as you want it to be, the louder, the more powerful. During the session, we will guide you to “give that emotion a sound”.

Sounding is very natural, but it became socially unacceptable to make wordless sounds in public, we forget what it's like to howl at the moon.

ENERGY. If a lot of energy is accumulated in sexual organs, let it go up towards the heart and then to the head, spread it through your whole body. If you don't feel the energy, help yourself with visualization.

Energy Blocks, the energy body of a human is also called in Tantra the emotional body. It functions the same way with the digestive system: the emotions get digested and then either absorbed or excreted out of the body. Trauma means energy that is undigested, unintegrated or unexpelled, which are toxins that clog the emotional body creating energy blocks. This impedes the free flow of energy right at the base which creates immense energy stagnation. During the massage, you'll be freeing yourself from these blocks. You should either feel or visualize them to go out of your body to the ground. In Dao, it is believed that only Earth can recycle energetic and physical toxins and grow something beautiful out of them. So don't send them to "a river" or your surroundings, as Air or Water can spread them and contaminate others, or don't "burn" them in your mind as Fire can increase their damaging effects and give them more power. Start preparing yourself for the session by visualizing your negative emotions and energetic blocks flowing out of your body to the ground every time you go to urinate or defecate.

Coming Prepared

  • Wear comfortable clothing, something you can take off and put on easily.
  • Having your primary intention ready and thought out.
  • Forget about expectations.
  • Come relaxed and open also with a sober mindset.
  • Have a shower before, or you are welcomed to take a shower at the Sanctuary before our session.
  • If you smoke, please shower after your last smoke.
  • Please at any time feel free to express your needs.