Shiva & Shakti

We are a couple that began with questions about how we can have the most enjoyable time with our beloved. From the start of our relationship we pursued every workshop, every book, every event that would give us an understanding on how to increase our pleasure. We always have had the intention to teach and share our understanding so we always made sure to fully grasp a topic and to see it from all sides. We have worked with a multitude of couples and individuals each absorbing a distinct understanding of our teaching but being happy nevertheless. We love to hear how much our services and teachings improve the relationship of our our clients, many describe it as a whole new chapter in their life.

Our story

We were both, individually, in search of a spiritual partner to embrace the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine. As with many people, we had experienced a lot of relationships and sexual disappointments, frustrations, and traumas. We felt a lack of true and deep intimacy, and we were looking for a genuine partnership and love that heals. Arina had dreams about Shiva, her loyal spiritual companion, that would help heal her wounded Feminine. Mike was longing for Shakti to embrace and heal his Masculine. With the help of love magic rituals, we finally met in the romantic setting of a Valentine's Day potluck of our Tantric community. We felt exploding energy, tremendous connection and mystic attraction for each other from the very moment we met. It was a "dream come true" moment. We empowered each other and became healers for each other's wounds. We discovered a whole new world of conscious sex and expanded intimacy, the juicy delights of Tantra and Tao, and deep connection with ourselves, each other, other people and the Universal forces. We soon realized that sharing this beauty with the rest of the world is our calling.