Dakini (Sanskrit: sky dancer, celestial woman or cloud fairy) is a Tantric priestess of ancient India, as well as Tibetan Buddhism figure. She acts as a muse for spiritual practice and wisdom protector. A Dakini can also refer to an accomplished yogini or the female personification of enlightenment and energy. Daka is the masculine form of Dakini. In Western neo-tantra world, the terms Daka/Dakini are referred to male/female counselor/therapist/healer/guide that addresses client's issues regarding sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, integrating healing and employing sexual energy.

What We Offer

Our mission is to activate, awaken and inspire. We offer a variety of methods from ancient and contemporary schools (such as Tantra, Yoga, Tao, and Tai Chi) from which we have developed a valuable skills to achieve high levels of intimacy, maximum pleasure, connection, and passion, and to heal yourself or a beloved on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Healing modalities we offer

Yoni Massage
Sound Healing
Intomacy Coaching

A combination of all three is highly recommended.

Each one of our sessions can be performed in the cozy environment of our sanctuary or in your own bedroom.


This is the most popular type of session; it can be performed as couple-to-couple or in a couple-to-individual modality. Learn many techniques simultaneously from both Arina and Mike to improve the communication and relationship with your partner. It can be provided in either a hands-on practice or in a non-touch educational way.


These sessions are offered in either an individual-to-couple or individual-to-individual modality. If you choose a hands-on experience, we can use your body as the experimental field; alternatively, you can use one of our bodies for your own experimentation. We will guide you to a better understanding of your own body, as well as the body of your potential partners. A non-touch educational modality is also an option.