What we Offer

We are practitioners of sacred sexual arts, we are here to provide you the most blissful experience in discovering your sexual potential. We work to heal, enhance and enlighten your sexuality. From our beginning, as a couple, we strive to learn and perfect the Tantric sexual arts. We realize that in our modern world we are not educated in sex, besides the fear of STIs and how to put on a condom. We are here to present to you the most beautiful and sought out experience humanity strives for.

Our mission is to activate, awaken and inspire. We offer a variety of methods from ancient and contemporary schools (such as Tantra, Yoga, Tao, and Tai Chi) from which we have developed a valuable skills to achieve high levels of intimacy, maximum pleasure, connection, and passion, and to heal yourself or a beloved on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


We strive for the best experience for you to learn true intimacy. We offer group workshops where you can meet like-minded people. We also offer private and couples sessions were we have your full attention, providing you a personalized workshop experience where we can explore the specific subjects that interest you most.

Our Workshops

- Yoni Massage - Lingam Massage - Female Orgasm -Energy 101 - Love Dance - Pompoir -


We are here to offer you our full attention and provide you with an experience that moves your life to an even greater capability for happiness and living to your fullest.

Our Sessions

- Sound Healing - Intimacy Coaching - Sexual Healing -