As a Dakini I empower women with love to assure them of how amazing they are, bringing their body and life to new dimensions. Allow me to wipe away your cares and sorrows. Allow yourself to drop into a profound experience of deep receiving without the need to give anything back. I empower men with knowledge of the female body and energy. Let me show you how to bring your Woman to ecstatic bliss and put her on a Goddess pedestal, to achieve deeper connection and understanding with your beloved, or to improve your skills for future partners.

I am originally from Russia and have been living in the United States since 1998. My spiritual journey started in April 2014 with a spontaneous Kundalini awakening during a Tantric seminar in California. By this time, due to accumulated sexual trauma, I developed "untreatable" vulvodynia (a chronic pain syndrome in the vulvar area that occurs without an identifiable cause). Through different Tantric and Taoist sexual healing techniques, I was not only relieved of this pain, but I also (as a "side effect") began to experience all kinds of orgasms, including female ejaculation (which, according to the statistics, only 15% or less of the female population has ever experienced). Deepening my knowledge in sexual healing, I traveled to Thailand to receive teachings from the renowned Universal Healing Tao master Mantak Chia. I also learned Tantric techniques of sexual healing from the "father of Tantra on the West" Charles Muir and his partner Leah Alchin. In January 2015 I visited India and spent some time in yogic ashram. In January 2017 I made a pilgrimage to Southern India to visit incredible temples and sacred sites of Tantra, Yoga and of Shaivism. Currently, I am continuing my study of the philosophical teachings of Tantra from the recognized and absolutely amazing Guru Hareesh (Christopher Wallis): author of "Tantra Illuminated" and "Recognition sutras", founder of Mattamayura and True education Institutes, licentiate of numerous degrees in Classical Indian Religions, traditions of Tantrik Shaivism and Sanskrit.

Sharing this and other knowledge with my "sisters" and "brothers" became a calling of my life. Along with my partner Mike we create a safe and supportive space for you to discover how magnificent you and your partner are! Read more about what we offer here. Read more about our fascinating and romantic story here. My articles about spirituality, sex and healing are here.


  • Sexual Healing at ISTA (international School of Temple Arts)
  • Tantra philosophy immersion at Tru Education
  • Sexual Healing at Source School of Tantra
  • Tantra Yoga at SkyDancing Tantra Institute
  • Tao Tantra at Tao Garden, Mantak Chia
  • Acoustics at Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine
  • Reiki Healing at USUI REIKI
  • Tarot at Soul Seasons School
  • Astrology at Soul Seasons School