I believe every person deserves love, respect, and a community to support them.

I believe we can all love each other, but we have to be willing to develop ourselves first.


I am not that relationship coach who will teach you what to say to get a girl’s phone number.

Nor am I the woo-woo healer who uses a crystal grid & the law of attraction to have your soulmate fall in your lap overnight.

I walk my talk. I share myself vulnerably.

I meet you where you're at regardless of your struggles.

I connect you with your heart and soul, cause that’s where the REAL power is!


  • An Open-Hearted individual who's done falling behind. You want to master the art of attraction NOW!
  • Open, empathetic, honest.
  • Willing to do the work, willing to go deep, willing to face your shadows.
  • You take responsibility for your actions (most of the time).
  • And you know you deserve it.

If you feel...

Lonely, anxious, worried, frustrated, confused, disconnected, not enough - hang in there!

There's hope on the other side.

REALLY, JUST READ MY STORY BELOW! I'm not bull-shitting.


The beginning of this mighty journey

I grew up in your usual American household, with parents who were too busy with their own emotional challenges to understand what I needed. Growing up, anger was not allowed at home, so I learned to bottle it up early on.

When I was 13 years old I could not say “no” to wearing braces (I didn't need them, the orthodontist just wanted to make a buck). 7 years later I was still unable to say “no”, this time to destructive behaviors and video game addiction.

I had no willpower. I felt undesired and extremely lonely for years at a time. I didn't know how to approach women and I was extremely insecure.

Not to mention a Terrible Lover.

I was needy and self-centered, and the more I wanted a relationship, the harder I tried the more I pushed women away.

Waking up...

It wasn’t until I took a Tai Chi class in college that I started to wake up.

Being able to perceive energy and feeling my brain rearrange was out of this world! It drove me to give up a lifestyle that I thought was very "cool" in order to learn and practice energy work.

I knew I had to live, eat, and breathe energy work in order to break through my muggle lifestyle, so I decided to go to China.

Training for 8 hours a day 7 days a week was not for the weak of heart. I met my physical limits, I faced my shadows, I worked hard to purify myself and dissolve my ego.

That gave me the determination, resourcefulness and physical attunement to face any man and any woman, including myself.

Love life - still a complete disaster

Coming back to the States, I felt ready.

It had been 3 years since I hadn’t been with a girl. I went on dating sites thinking it would be easy. I swiped for a few weeks, sent out messages - crickets.

And then that notification popped up: “There is no one left in your area.”

My heart sank and I could barely breathe. What I read was “There is no one left on the planet who could love you.”

To say that was the lowest point of my life would be an understatement. It was a dark night of the soul. Dark, very dark. Not because “there was no one left in my area” who didn't put me in the friend zone,

But because I had spent a year in China training to be a man, and I was still a fucking loser.

The Road Back

It took me a year to come out of that depression, and it wasn’t easy. But all of a sudden women started to appear more in my life. They were attracted to me. They felt more comfortable and more vulnerable around me.

During my year of depression, I constantly imagined meeting a goddess older than me, who had a son I could teach. I saw myself making a difference in that boy’s life.

And then, one fateful night, I answered an internal impulse to go out to a Meetup in my area. A tantra potluck was most convenient. I was the only man in his 20’s and feeling quite out of place until a beautiful, foxy Russian woman approached me and asked to lean on me.

That slowly developed into a night to remember, with beautiful love-making and deep conversation. We exchanged numbers, and I got ready to never hear from her again.

Say whaat?

The next day, she didn’t just message me back, she asked me to be her Tantra partner!

Now, I don’t know what your biggest dream is - you know, the one where life becomes heaven on earth, but mine is meeting a sexy, Russian woman who likes deep conversation and wants me to be her Tantra partner. And did I say that she had a son?!

Yes, that’s the beauty and power of SEX MAGIC. You can really manifest your heart’s desire if you get naked and truthful with yourself, and really focus on what you want.

Life now

I've been with my Goddess for 4 years.

We've been through a lot together, and it's made me a much stronger and courageous man. One who can love bigger because he has bigger balls.

I have a level of intimacy and connection in my relationship I never thought possible, and I now support other men to have the same kind of paradigm shift for themselves. And I get to mentor and make a difference in a young boy’s life!

I believe that we all have love in our hearts and that we need to connect with ourselves and experience the love that we have within us. What’s possible with another person after that is beyond your wildest dreams.



  • I am a Certified Tantra educator, and I am deeply involved with both fields of Tantra (Neo-Tantra & Classical Tantra).

  • I am a Certified, Intimacy Coach, 500HR Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner.

  • I have transformed my love life from basically nonexistent to extraordinary

  • I studied martial arts in China intensively for a full year.

  • I am here to be your friend and walk this path by your side!


  • I dreamed of the lifestyle that I have now, but I got a lot more.

  • I am a fast lane driver, let go and trust, you'll make it on the other side.

  • I’m not fond of small talk, let's get real and go deep!

Your life is ending one minute at a time, why spend your time barely scraping by!
There are Women out there looking for a Man like yourself!