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I specialize in Transformational Coach focusing on Intimacy and Tantric Training.
I'm here to be your guide and transform you from the inside to become more intimate with yourself and others.

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My mission is to activate, awaken, and inspire. I offer transformational coaching to achieve profound levels of intimacy, connection, and willpower. You will embody your inner attraction and develop techniques to be the lover who you deep down you know you are!



Learn the sacred art of offering your women a sensual massage that she will never forget.

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In the sexual healing Sanskrit word “lingam” is translated as a wand of light. In the course of a lifetime.



Descover your sexual power as a man, learn all the techniques to perform in ways you never thought possible.


  • Friends! I want to share about my past yoni massage session as well as thank Mike Kundalini with all my heart as a Master and Healer! This massage amazed me with its depth and sacredness. You can read and study the divinity of feminine and her nature all you want or you can have a physical experience and fully live it! I trusted this process. At first, it was a gentle and pleasant massage for me, but at some point, my body came to life, as if I were just an observer, and all the processes took place, apart from my will, by themselves. I felt how the bottom and top were connected, my body moved and lived without instructions from the mind, very bright, intense vibrations came out of nowhere in my yoni and spread throughout my body as a powerful wave. I experienced many conditions in one session, I cried, breathed, orgasm, moved, felt silenced. And all this at the same time ... I needed support to live it all, and Mike, with its soft and loving presence during the session, became for me a wonderful guide to the new Yoni Universe for me! Amazing processes and changes continued after the session, the quality of orgasms changed. Yoni massage is an incredibly healing process that every woman needs. Of course, each will have their own residences, but this is always a combination with their feminine depth, wisdom, and love. Once again, I thank Mike Kundalini for the gift, as if through his healing hands he straightened the “lungs” of my yoni and I breathed. It was so gentle and gentle, even motherly. He led me to myself!
  • I took Yoni massage workshop with Arina and Mike. I truly enjoyed the class and recommend it to everyone who wants to work with their partner on improving their relationship. Arina and Mike work together very smoothly and explain everything from a woman's and man's perspective, which is very important in this type of exercise. This class goes into great detail on all body massage, types of touch and hugs, the ways of connecting to each other, the way to set up and so on. Arina and Mike covered all the details of how to begin and end this beautiful exercise. I am very thankful to them for holding this workshop and giving my relationship a boost that it needed!
    Bellevue, WA
  • Mike has a very positive, sweet, gentle, and calm presence that puts me at ease immediately. He is a caring and loving soul and is someone who is very easy to talk to about anything and everything. His empathetic nature, attentiveness, and professionalism helps create a self container for healing, fun, and bliss. My intention with him was to allow my child self to come out and play and to feel safe so that the deep healing can take place. Mike has a very warm and comforting touch. I enjoyed his angelic presence and felt very nurtured. I won’t go into greater detail about my session with him, but I can say that I began to feel my throat chakra open up. At the end of the session, I felt empowered to use my voice and not be afraid to ask for what I want. I have such deep love and gratitude for him as one of my Dakas.
    Soriya Case